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Black & White 101
Who Am I?


Who Am I?
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How did I get involved?

My father, thankfully, had an interest in photography when he was my age. He collected cameras, darkroom equipment, and the wonderful knowledge of the control of light. It took my high-school art teacher to peak my interest and it took my dad to nurture that interest, but I became very involved with black and white photography. I left for college 3 years ago and found myself lost for a career choice. Regretfully, It took me 2 1/2 years to finally realize what I had a passion for. I'm now majoring in photojournalism at Kent State University. I live with my girlfriend and my dog in Kent, OH, and frequently work in my darkroom (AKA laundry room) with my friend Mike.

My Setup

-Canon EOS Elan 7e 35mm SLR
-Canon 28mm-90mm
-Canon 100mm-300mm